Broadway Roulette



Broadway sets the gold standard for theater around the world, but for many aspiring theatergoers, getting a ticket is difficult due to the planning and expense involved. As a result, many curtains open to less than a full house. Broadway Roulette aims to change that!

Working in partnership with the theater community, they offer these tickets at an incredibly affordable price through a fun and simple process.

How? It’s easy: You pick the day. They pick the show. Every ticket is under $45.

Broadway Roulette is a terrific solution for busy New Yorkers, people seeking a fun family outing, and visitors who don’t want to miss out on one of New York City’s top attractions!

It allows you to pick up to 4 shows you have already seen to be excluded from your options, plus any show you have previously seen through Roulette will also be excluded.  


There are currently 40 shows available.