Danielle Sue Jordan - Founder

Danielle Sue Jordan is an Actor who is currently working in the Musical Theatre industry.  Recently on Broadway in the 2011 revival of Follies starring Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein and Ron Raines!  Her early career began as a dancer in the ensemble and she is now blossoming into understudying and playing principle roles.  A new found love of acting and the Meisner technique from NYC's Matthew Corozine Studio has Danielle excited for the next step in her career as a musical theatre actor and soon to be TV and Film actor.  

Throughout her career, Danielle has always been there to help others navigate the challenges of auditions, helping with the dance combinations, finding good classes to take and great discounts to shows. Gypsy's List, will be a plethora of all the information one would need to help with their musical theatre career.