Equity Audition Basics

Equity Chorus Call Audition Procedures

New York and Los Angeles

This Code governs the Chorus Calls required by contractual agreements with Employers for Equity performers. Equity Staff and the monitors are responsible for fully enforcing this Code. Any questions complaints and/or suggestions regarding this Code and/or its administration should be sent in writing to the Audition Department. They will be referred to the Equity Advisory Committee on Chorus Affairs (ACCA) and to the Auditions Committee for discussion. You are requested to abide by this Code and to follow its procedures. Your cooperation is very much appreciated:


Official Sign-Up Sheet Procedures: An official sign-up sheet for Equity performers will be posted for each required Chorus Call in the Equity Office. You do not have to sign the Official List in order to be seen. You may audition by arriving a half hour before the scheduled call to receive a Chorus Audition Card, after the list has been called. Please understand, however, that auditions may be cut off when the starting time is reached: 
a) "Unofficial lists" can not be honored.


b)  The official sign-up sheets will be posted at 9:30AM one calendar week prior to the call. For example, if the call is scheduled for a Tuesday, the list will be posted on the previous Tuesday. (Should that day be a holiday observed by the Equity office, the list will be posted the following business day.)

                        Important to take note for singer calls especially.  If you need to be at work at 11am the day of the 10am audition, just show up one week earlier before 9:30 at equity to guarantee an early spot on the list. People do show up early to sign the list but usually if you are there by 9am on the day of a popular audition list going up, you will still be on the first page of signing up.


c)  The list will be removed at 5PM on the first business day preceding the date of the call. You may sign the official lists only during this 9:30AM to 5PM time period.


d)  You may sign the list only on the consecutive, numbered lines of the official Sign-up Sheet. (Cross-outs and erasures will not be recognized). 

                        Yes, they do follow this rule strictly, so just sign on a clear line. Even if it is your own cross out, they will skip over it, so if   you make a mistake writing your own name.  Start over in a new space.


e)  You may only sign one name at a time on the list. If you wish to add an additional name, you must return to the end of the line.


f)  If you are not present at the half-hour to receive the Chorus Audition Card, you will lose your place on the list. If you are on a line for any other call, the Chorus Call takes precedence. Therefore, if you are not present at the designated time to receive the Chorus Card, you will have to wait for the entire Chorus list to be read.


g)  Non-Required Calls: These Chorus Call procedures are established only for those auditions that are required by Equity contracts. Where Chorus auditions are not required by Equity contract (such as, emergency replacements, additional calls, call- backs, and so forth), these procedures may be adopted by the Producer, after consultation with Equity.


A monitor will be present only at Chorus Calls required by Equity contracts.


The monitor will report violations of Equity's “Safe and Sanitary” rules.


You must have your paid-up membership card with you at the time and place of the call (or written verification from the Equity Membership Department of your paid-up membership status). Due to the very high volume of activity, membership status can not be verified by telephone; therefore please always carry your card.

            They are now allowing you to show that you are paid up via a smart phone!  Yea technology!


You must, whether or not signed to the "pre-sign up sheet”, be at the audition site at least one- half hour prior to the official start of the call. 

            This was a surprise to me, as per these rules, a call can be closed anytime after the list has been read and all present members have received a card. The current practice if a call is to be closed, is that they close exactly at the start time of the audition.  But be aware they could close it even early now according to this rule.  And remember, most audition spaces have elevators with long waits, so add some extra time for them.

6. Monitors will distribute the Chorus Audition cards as follows:


a)  At the half-hour prior to the official start time of the call, the monitor will read out the list in the precise order that the list was signed. (Names that are illegible, crossed out, erased, written over, or otherwise illegible will not be read.)


b)  Audition cards will be distributed in this same order.


c)  If you are not present when your name is called, you lose your place on the list. You will, however, if you are present before the list is completed, receive a card at the conclusion of the reading of the list.

            To be clear, if you miss your name being read, you must then get “on line” to receive a card after the list is finished being read. “on line” refers to the line of equity members that is created by those who did not sign up on the list.  This line is started by the members, on their own, at the time of their arrival and monitored by the members.


d)  You may not “hold” another Equity performer’s card.


e)  You are required to show your paid-up membership card before you receive the Chorus card.


The monitor will post the names and titles of all employer casting personnel conducting the Call so that you know for whom you are auditioning. The monitor will ensure that at least one of the casting personnel is a member of the artistic team.


The monitor will also advise you as to what the requirements may be for the audition. For example, “up-tempo,” “ballad,” “16 bars,” and so forth).


"Typing" is the method used by casting personnel to audition only those whom the casting personnel determine to be physically right for the production. The following rules shall govern:


a)  Typing is at the complete discretion of the casting personnel.


b)  Typing may only occur at the start of the call and typing must be completed before the audition begins.


c)  Typing is determined solely by the casting personnel for each individual call. For example, there may be typing at the women’s singer/dancer call in the morning but there may be no typing at the men’s singer/dancer call in the afternoon.


The length of the audition is at the discretion of the casting personnel. This will be announced as performers prepare to enter the audition room. The length of the audition time may be changed throughout the call. For example, the call may begin requiring 24 bars of a song, and afterwards, the requirements may be changed to 16 bars, and so forth.


For dance auditions, you may be called in groups to learn combinations. You may also be auditioned in groups. The size of the dance group is generally determined by the size of the audition room.


If you receive an audition card and have not left the audition room, you must be seen (or typed, if typing is used). If you leave the audition site and are not present when called to audition, you will lose the right to the audition. You may, if you choose, wait until the end of the call, but there can be no guarantee of your being seen.

13.        Should one part of the call run late and, in the opinion of the monitor, will probably run into the next call, the first call must be stopped and the second call begin as scheduled. If you did not audition during the first call, you shall be given audition schedules for a future time by the casting personnel.


Equity Principal Audition Procedures

New York

The following are the procedures for Equity Principal Auditions (run by Equity Audition Monitors) in New York City. Equity staff and Monitors are responsible for fully enforcing this Code. Questions and comments regarding this Code and its administration should be sent to the Auditions Department, in writing. They will be referred to the Eastern Region Equity Principal Auditions Committee for review. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

1. An official Monitor will only be present at auditions that are being run according to these procedures.

2. Monitors will report violations of Equity's “Safe and Sanitary” rules.

3. Monitors and Equity staff are not permitted to have any discussion regarding anyone who is auditioning, nor may they discuss any casting issues, with the employer’s casting personnel.

4. You must have your paid-up membership card with you at the audition or written verification from the Membership Department of your paid membership status. Due to a high volume of activity, membership cannot be verified by telephone. Equity will now accept proof of paid dues through digital format, i.e. a smart phone showing that your account is in good standing along with a photo i.d. proving you are who you say you are.

5. Monitors will sign performers only on the official EPA sign-up sheets.

6. The Monitor will arrive one hour prior to the scheduled start of the call. The only official list of performers will be the one established by the Monitor. Only those actually present, with paid-up membership cards, will be placed on the list. You will be required to show your membership card again prior to admission into the audition room. EMC and Non-Union must wait in the same line as Equity Members and sign up on the proper sign up sheets.

7. Should performers who are present before the start of the call choose to establish and honor an unofficial list/order among themselves, the Equity Monitor will sign up those performers in the order in which they present themselves. This order must be established before the official start of the call. However, Equity and the Equity Monitor can take no responsibility for organizing and/or coordinating any such unofficial list/order.

8. Day of Audition. Appointments will be scheduled only on the day of the audition in the following manner:

  • a)  Six performers will be scheduled in 20-minute blocks of time. The length of each performer's audition will be at the discretion of the casting director, with a minimum of one minute given to each performer. Any time left over within the 20-minute block will be assigned to “alternates” (see below).

  • b)  You will choose a 20-minute time slot for the audition, and be issued a white principal audition card with the time slot indicated on it. Time slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • c)  Therearealsotwoopen-endedalternatelists:

  •   List A: For those who are not signed up for an upcoming time slot, i.e. those whose only chance to audition at all is as an alternate. Members on this list will be called before members on List B.

  •   List B: For those who are already signed up for an upcoming time slot, i.e. those who are already certain of being seen, but may wish to audition sooner. 
Alternates will be “filtered” into the auditions as time permits. “Open-ended” means that you may sign the alternate sheet at any time. You could, for example, choose to be an alternate instead of choosing a specific time slot (in which case you would be on Alternate List A). Should you choose, however, to sign up for a time slot and be on Alternate List B, you must sign one list and go to the rear of the line to sign the other. (Whether you sign the time slot list first and then the alternate list or vice versa, you will be on Alternate List B.) To further help explain, those signed up on list B will only be called after all names on list A have been called.

d)  You must arrive and check in with the Monitor ten minutes prior to your audition time slot, as calculated by the clock in the Audition Center (or by the Monitor if the audition is in another location). If you are not present on time, an alternate will be given the appointment, time permitting. There can be no exceptions to this procedure. Monitors do adhere to this rule closely so make sure being there 10min. earlier is a priority.


  • e)  If you are an alternate, you must be available when your name is called. If you are not present when your name is called, you will lose the alternate slot. Please understand that there is no guarantee that alternates (from either alternate list) will be seen.

  • f)  If you miss your scheduled time, you are permitted to re-sign (on Alternate List A). If you miss your alternate slot, you are permitted to re-sign on Alternate List B (if you have also secured an upcoming time slot) or on Alternate List A (if you have not).

  • g)  A time slot insures an audition during that 20-minute time period. If the audition process moves quickly, you may audition earlier than the scheduled time slots. However, your time slot will be honored, provided that you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

9. When there is a lunch break, the Monitor will post a Lunch Time Information Sheet with the following: Name of show, time of break, and time Monitor will return.

10. Sign-in sheets will not be “carried over” to the next day.

11. At the conclusion of each day’s auditions, the Monitor will provide the casting personnel a list of the performers who signed up but were not seen, together with their pictures/resumes.

12. Audition centers are places of business. Food, pets, large packages, friends and/or relatives will not be permitted access. Noise levels should be kept to a minimum. Please also try to keep the waiting area neat and clean, as a courtesy to all others, and place trash in the proper receptacles. Smoking is not permitted in the audition area at any time.

13. After completing your audition, please leave the area quietly as a professional courtesy to the other performers who are still waiting.


Equity asks that auditioning performers always conduct themselves as professionals. Should there be a problem or disturbance, however, please note that the Equity Council has affirmed the policy whereby, if necessary, anyone who creates a serious disturbance shall, at discretion of the staff, be removed from the audition area.

Should you wish to report any infractions or suggest improvements in the administration of this Code, please do so by sending a signed letter to the Equity Auditions Department. Questions regarding Equity Principal Auditions in general should be directed to Equity Auditions Department staff, who can be reached via the “Auditions” tab on the “Contact” page at www.actorsequity.org .

These procedures are developed around contractually bargained Agreements between Equity and Producers. Since each contract is negotiated separately, terms and conditions vary from contract to contract. Therefore, please refer to each individual agreement (most are posted in the Document Library at www.actorsequity.org) to determine the specific EPA requirements of the contracts.







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