Jeff Whiting - Director, Choreographer

BROADWAY: BULLETS OVER BROADWAY (Associate Director), THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS (Associate Director), HAIR (Associate Director), WICKED (Fifth Anniversary), YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (Assistant Choreographer), BIG FISH (Associate Director).  NATIONAL TOURS:  YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (Director), HAIRSPRAY (Associate Director), THE PRODUCERS (Associate Director), THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS. CONCERTS:  JAMES TAYLOR LIVE (Director - Carnegie Hall).  INTERNATIONAL:  HAIRSPRAY (Brazilian Production), JERSEY BOYS (West End), MICKEY MOUSE CLUB (India), DISNEY'S MAGICAL MOMENTS (Brazil).  REGIONAL:  THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS (The  Old Globe/ The Ahmanson/ ACT/ Philadelphia Theatre), THRILL ME: LEOPOLD AND LOEB, Jeff is the Artistic Director of The Open Jar Institute, dedicated to theatre training.  He is also the creator of Stage Write, the revolutionary app for directors and choreographers which has been dubbed by SDC as the 'new standard method for documentation of staging and choreography'.



Facts and Tips

The people that I'm drawn to in an audition room are the people that really like themselves.  They like who they are (whatever that may be) and they are excited to share their talents with me.  YOU ARE ENOUGH.  You don't need to try to guess what it is that I'm looking for.  Just be YOU - with all of your passion, determination, and unique experiences - and that will help me to imagine how YOU can bring the character in my show to life.   No matter what you feel your best strength is (singing/dancing) be sure that you approach your audition as an actor first - someone who is fighting for an objective.  Whether it's in a dance combination or a 16-bar song, I'm alway on the hunt for the performer who is truly communicating while dancing, or while singing.  I go to the theatre to be taken on a journey.  Don't focus on showing off your high belt or your triple turn - focus, rather, on communicating something important WHILE you're doing your triple turn or while belting your high note.  The actor who makes me 'feel' something gets my attention every time.