Matthew Simpkins Photography

  • Headshots: Indoor Studio and Outdoor
  • Rate: $375 - $975+
  • Bonus: Also provides NEW Media Packages where you can shoot sides, monologues and/or songs to create a reel.


Matthew Simpkins began his photography career over 10 years ago.  He started with creative landscapes as a hobby and his love and knowledge of photography grew from there.  As an actor Matthew knew the importance of a great headshot and has become very talented at creating just that. Matthew loves his gadgets and throughout the years he has upgraded his photography equipment, as well as geeked out on studying other great photographers and keeping his style on the cutting edge of the headshot industry. Matthew knows a lot about lighting, studio and out doors, which if you didn’t know lighting is one of the most important things when it comes to photography.  Natural light is the easiest to shoot, which is why there are so many amateur photographers out there, but to have a photographer who really knows their stuff is surprisingly harder to find these days. Matthew knows his stuff, from talking to him you really get a since of passion and enjoyment that he gets from shooting headshots.  Matthew says shooting headshots is about 20% photography and 80% therapy.  Because the photography aspect is such a small part of getting a great headshot, you want a photographer who is quick and really knows what he is doing with the camera.   The therapy part makes complete since. Here you are standing in front of a stranger hoping they can capture the “essence of you”.  A good photographer will find the balance of direction and improvisation.  You want to find a headshot photographer who you can feel comfortable with, be creative with and most of all, have fun with!  Matthew Simpkins is just that, professional yet laid back.